Tourist Infomation

Tourist Infomation

There are many other local attractions close to Maruzen Suisan.

Isejingu Shrine

The spiritual heart of Japan, the Great Shrine of Ise, and the wide, traditional streets of Okage-Yokocho are lively all year round.

Azuchi-Momoyama Bunka Mura

Meet a samurai, a princess, maybe even a ninja in the Warring States period theme park, Azuchi Momoyama Bunaka-Mura, brimming with incredible sights and attractions, including the magnificent castle keep!

Mikimoto Pearl Island

Pearls are popular with women everywhere, and at the world famous Mikimoto Pearl Island you can discover the history and wonders of Mikimoto Pearls.

Toba Aquarium

One of Japan’s biggest and most famous aquariums is the Toba Aquarium, featuring a wide variety of marine life in huge, natural like tanks.

Sea Museum

Toba Sea Folk Museum wide area, 60,000 various fishing related items and devices on display. Discover how, since ancient times, the people of the area have been at one with the sea.

Toba Observatory

Take a drive along the Pearl Road, providing spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean from the lookout.

Parque España

And there’s the exotic Shima Spain Village theme park with exciting fun rides.